Workout History in the Member App

Workout History in the Member App

If your business is using Advanced Workout Tracking, your members can access their historical performance in the Member App. Encouraging members to monitor their progress is a great way to engage and retain them. Also, if your members can better prepare for their workouts by accessing their past performance on their own before class, (think weightlifting 1 rep maxes, benchmark workout times, notes about strategy for next time you perform a certain workout, etc.), coaches can avoid lengthy member preparation during class.

Here are the features of the New Workout History in the Member App:

“Library" tab now appears in Workouts section:



"Library" shows a liist of benchmarks configured by the business, and allows all measures to be searched. Measures that the person has recorded will show the best score on the surface. Searching or selecting goes to a full history of the person’s performance for that skill or measure.



PR tab shows the person’s all time best


Graph tab shows a graph of the person’s history for that specific skill or measure. Measures that are in units of weight will show an additional filter for sets x reps. Filtering by a specific set and rep scheme will also show any data performed as a “1x1” so that any set and rep scheme can be compared to your history of 1 rep maxes.


Here are some more resources to help optimize your businesses’s Advanced Workout Tracking setup, and guarantee a cutting edge experience for members:

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