How to Customize a Student's Membership

Occasionally you will need to customize an individual student's membership. Some common examples of this would be to apply a discount they have recently become eligible for (ex. student & first responder discounts), to give them a custom installment plan (ex. 1st & 15th instead of a single monthly payment).

To start, navigate to the student's profile and then to their membership that you need to update. 

Click on the pencil icon in the upper right hand corner to get to the membership details page.



There are three main sections on the membership details page; Membership Info, Billing Summary and Bills for this Membership.


Here is a quick guide for each section based on the most common customizations. 


Changing the Billing Cycle 

This section can be used to make permanent changes to a membership that will effect the current membership and any renewals.

The most commonly made customizations are highlighted below:

1. Installment Plan: Update this to change their billing cycle. A typical example is someone who has trouble making a single monthly payment (Every Month) might ask to be updated to payments on the 1st & 15th. Please Note: If you update the Installment Plan you will also need to review and update the 'Installment Amount' and '# of Installments' fields further down the menu.

2. First Bill Date: Update if you need to move a recurring bill date to a different day of the month.

3. Installment Amount: Update this if you want to permanently change a price point to a custom rate. This is typically used if you have negotiated a custom rate with someone or you are honoring an old price point that you no longer offer.

4. Discounts: Update this to apply a new discount. Typically used to apply a set Student, Military or First Responder discount. Please Note: Discounts must already be created at Setup>Financial>Discounts & Surcharges.


 5. If you are changing this membership as part of the Membership import finalization step you will also want to apply changes to all bills from the drop down



Changing the Membership Info

This section can be used to make permanent changes to a membership that will effect the current membership and any renewals. 

The most commonly made customizations are highlighted below:

1. Begin Date: Update this to change the recurring renewal date.

2. Length: Use this to manually extend out the expiration date for this membership.

3. Class Limits: Use this to alter the attendance limits of a membership. Most often used to make a manual adjustment to a package or punch card.



Changing the Bills for this Membership 

This section can be used to make changes to individual bills that shouldn't carry over to any renewals. This is typically used to apply one time discounts for referrals or work trade.

To alter a individual bills, check the box next to the bill or bills you want to change and click 'Batch Update'.

This will give you a pop up menu where you can mark the bill(s) as paid, update the due date, the unit price or delete the checked bill(s).


If you have additional questions or need help with a specific situation, please reach out to the customer success team for quick, expert help.


Phone: 866-541-3570



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