{QUICK START} Advanced Workout Tracking

Here are the main tasks or functions that you need to setup to get up & running with advanced workout tracking. Click on the title of a step to see more info.

Set them up in the order they are listed to prevent any errors or issues.


Step 1 - Build your skills or measures catalog


Think of this as your toolbox for building your workouts. Import as many workouts or movements as possible from the pre-made list to make life easier.


Step 2 - Manage advanced workout tracking setup options



The options in the red box are critical for determining your student's experience.


Step 3 - Start programming


This is where it all comes together!

You will use the skills & movements you set up in step 1 to build your workouts. The options you defined in step 2 will allow your students to see & interact with your programming in the way you want. 


If you need additional help you can click here to see more in depth articles & videos, or reach out to our customer success team for specific help:

Phone:  866-541-3570



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