How To Log Into the Staff App and Switch Database Accounts

In this article we will walk you through how to log into the Staff App and how to switch between databases.

-Open up the Zen Planner Staff App

-Email Address will be the email Username that you currently use to log into the website

-Password will be the same password that you currently use to log into the website

-Click Sign In

This will bring you to the home screen unless you have multiple accounts that use this same set of credentials. In this situation you will be allowed to choose which one you would like to log into 


Once your login information is entered you will be automatically logged in and will not need to enter in your information each time*

If you have another database account that you would need to add:

-Click More

-Click Accounts

-Click Add Account

-Enter in the other database Username and Password login information

-Click Sign In

Please note, only staff who have database access to log into will be able to log into the Zen Planner Staff App.

*Password will be saved until it expires or until it is changed. Once the ability to collect and make payments is added to the App, password requirements may change due to PCI compliance


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