How to Check People in on the Staff App

In this article, we will walk you through how to check someone in through the Staff App

  • Open the Staff App
  • Click into a class or appointment that you would like to check people into
  • You can check in brand new people (someone without a profile in ZP) and existing members that are reserved, waitlisted or eligible for the class or appointment. 



Tap on each member that you would like to check in and an animation will display to confirm that it was successful. When searching through a larger list of members, you can easily locate a particular member for check in by using the search bar at the top.    



To check a brand new person into a class, tap the 'Add Person' link to the right of the search bar. Fill out their info, then tap 'Next' to move on to have them sign any digital docs you may have active, then on to the payment screen.

Screenshot_20180614-090034.png     Screenshot_20180614-085746.png



If you click into the 'Checked In' section you will be able to see the updated list for who is currently checked in.






If you would like to remove a student from being checked into the session, you can click the member again to revert them to their previous state. You will see the animation and once this is completed it will update the Checked In list as well.


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