{QUICK TIP} How to Manually Promote a Student to a New Rank

If you don't schedule promotional tests in Zen Planner, or you find that you need to promote a student to a higher rank between scheduled tests, you can do that in a few quick moves (or click here for a video).


1. Navigate to the Rank History Page on a Student's Profile 


Go to the student's profile then click the 'Programs' link in the profile menu. Scroll to the program where you need to update the rank, click on the 'View Rank History' button along the right.


2. Click on 'Register' for the Rank that You are Awarding


Click on the 'Register' link for the rank you are awarding.


3.  Set the Rank Award Details


Make sure the 'Promotional Test' field is set to 'No Test (Rank Award)'.

Click the button next to 'Passed'.

Set the correct 'Award Date'.

Do not save changes yet! 


4.  Review and Update the Billing if Required


Always check to see if you have a testing fee associated with that rank. The system will automatically generate a bill for that amount unless you take steps to prevent it.

Click on the 'Billing Tab', then review the 'Price' field. Make any necessary adjustments. If you don't want a bill generated, change the price to $0.00.


5. Review Your Work!


Check out your work!

If you see a mistake, click into the rank and make any adjustments, or delete it with the big red button in the bottom right hand corner to start over from scratch.




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