How to Create a Promotional Membership in Zen Planner

Groupon, Living Social and other promotional sites are very popular ways to drive more new students to your business, but it can be confusing when you try to figure out the best way to track these promotions in Zen Planner.  

Since these promotions typically gives access to a number of classes, over a longer time period, we recommend that you set these up as membership options. This makes it easier for you to manage these people in your system (attendance tracking, reporting, automations, etc) and to give them the full experience of being a student which can radically improve your promotional participant to student conversion rate.


Here are the recommended settings for creating a promotional membership where the new person has already made the purchase through an outside site (Groupon, Living Social, etc).

Watch this video if you'd prefer to see it in action.

You will create a membership option for each type of promotional membership you offer (Groupon 3x week, Living Social Unlimited 2 Weeks, etc), but here are the recommended base settings for all:

    • $0 installment amount
    • autorenewal OFF
    • enrolled in the classes they are allowed to attend
    • Online: Public to allow people to redeem the offer online through Member Connect


Please Note

If the promotional offer only allows attendance for specific days/times, you may need to update your class schedule to create single schedule classes for those specific classes to enable the correct enrollments.


Next Steps

If you want additional help setting up reporting or automations to help manage and track your promotions, reach out to one of our experts on the customer success team:

Phone: 866-541-3570


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