Automation Updates 07222016

Automations just got better!

We have removed the repeat option from our automation setup window.  

Why did we remove the repeat option and why is this better?

We found that the repeat option was not working as expected. This feature was only allowing a select few automations to trigger more than once (e.g. birthdays). It was not doing this for other automation types that we advertised it would. We believe that the repeat option should be the default behavior.

What will be different?

  • The repeat option has been removed from view in the automation setup window.
  • Automations will trigger as often as a new event meets your criteria. For example, birthdays greetings will keep triggering annually as long as the Automation is active.
  • You may notice more messages being sent than usual, and that’s because automations are working more consistently now.

How to make Automations repeat for the same event

Let’s say you want a message to repeat over the course of a week for an unpaid bill.  You can create three Automations:

  • Automation 1: send message when bill is three days past due
  • Automation 2: send message when bill is five days past due
  • Automation 3: send message when bill is seven days past due.

The result is that each Automation will trigger on the chosen day if the bill remains unpaid.


If you have any questions on these updates, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at 866-541-3570 or

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