Step 2: Activating Zen Planner's New Prospect Funnel (Automation/Dashboard Setup)

Don't get discouraged, this is a one-time setup process! Setting up your funnel will take time, but those who have used prospect funnels similar to this report impressive results!

Now that you have updated your Prospect Statuses, you will need to setup the preset automations to maximize the effectiveness of your new funnel.

If you have not yet updated your prospect statuses to our new default statuses, please click here before beginning your automation setup. 

1. Go to the Automations area of your Setup Menu.

2. Find the "Prospect" category from the automations window.  Click on the "New Prospect Staff Alert" automation. 

3. Scroll to the bottom of the window, and activate the automation by selecting the box next to "Check box to activate".  And save your changes on the bottom. 

4. Scroll down in the automations menu to the "Prospect Funnel" category.

5. Click into the "Call 1 Voicemail (Prospect)" automation. 

6. Change the drop down menu next to "Prospect status" to "Call 1 No Answer - VM"

7. Underneath number 2 you will see this message is defaulted to send 0 days (Immediately) after someone is placed in the "Call 1 No Answer - VM" status. You can change the amount of days in any of these automations to fit your sales funnel.

8. Select "Open message template editor" underneath number 3.  If necessary, change the wording of the message to fit your business, and save changes on the bottom.  Any "tags" such as {FirstName} and {SchoolName} do not need to be replaced in the template.  Those fields will automatically populate based on your prospective members information, and the information in your database.


9. Go back into Setup > Automations.

10. Select the "Call 1 Voicemail (Prospect)" automation again, and select the box next to "Check box to activate" to complete the setup of this automation.

11. Repeat steps for each automation you would like to activate (we recommend every one underneath the Prospect Funnel category).  These automations can be activated and assigned to the proper Prospect Status based on the table below:


Prospect Status Attached Automation
New Prospect New Prospect Staff Alert
Call 1 No Answer - VM Call 1 Voicemail (Prospect)
Call 1 Voicemail (Staff Task)
Call 2 No Answer - VM Call 2 Voicemail (Prospect)
Call 2 Voicemail (Staff Task)
Call 3 No Answer - VM Call 3 Voicemail (Prospect)
Call 3 Voicemail (Staff Task)
Contacted - No Visit Scheduled Contacted No Visit Scheduled (Prospect)
Contacted No Visit Scheduled (Staff Task)
Emailing/Texting Prospect Emailing/Texting Prospect (Staff Task)
Trial/Appt Scheduled Trial/Appt Scheduled (Staff Task)
Trial/Appt Scheduled Reminder (Prospect)
Trial/Appt Missed Trial/Appt Missed (Prospect)
Trial/Appt Missed (Staff Task)
Trial/Appt Completed Trial/Appt Completed (Staff Task)
Trial/Appt Completed Thank You (Prospect)
After Trial 3 Day Follow Up (Staff Task)
After Trial 7 Day Follow Up (Staff Task)
Signed Up! New Member Welcome - Email
Not Interested Not Interested (Prospect)


Any automation labeled "Staff Task" will send a Zen Planner task to the prospects Sales Rep in Zen Planner.  All automations labeled "Prospect" will send an email to the prospect.  The text in each message and task can be customized by selecting the "Open message template editor" option from the automation setup. You will also be able to set custom durations for each of the automations to send by editing the days number underneath number 2.

Once you have completed your automation setup, your last step is to customize your dashboard.  The dashboard will allow you to easily track your prospective members progress through the funnel.  For help adding our two prospect charts, click here.

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