Step 1: Activating Zen Planner's New Prospect Funnel (Updating Prospect Statuses)

Zen Planner has created a new default prospect funnel to help your business grow!  If you have been using the previous default funnel, these instructions will allow you to replicate our new prospect statuses. 

1. Scroll down to the Lookup Codes section of the Setup Menu

2. Select "Prospect Status" from the Lookup Codes list

3. Edit the existing Prospect Statuses to reflect the status list in the image below. Once you reach the 6th status, you can add more rows by selecting the "Add Another Label" option.

As a part of this new funnel, we have also added 18 new preset automations to help you stay on top of your leads! These new automations are comprised of a mixture of staff tasks and emails to your prospective members. 

Each task and email triggers at various times throughout the sales process and is specific to the status that your prospect is in.  To finalize the setup process by activating these automations in your database, click here.

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