RISK - Having More Than 2000 Records In Your Zen Planner Account

If we import more than 2000 people into Zen Planner, you will be able to see the total number of individuals in the All People section, however, if you try and pull a report of all of those individuals you will only be able to see 2000 at a time. 

Currently, our system limits the number of individuals that can be pulled on a single report to that 2000 limit. 


If you intend on having over 2000 people in your database and plan to send out mass emails to all 2000+ people at once, you will need to filter the results and send the email in batches to capture all individuals. Best practices to get around this would be to add filters to your reports prior to sending out notifications.

Please watch this quick video that will explain how to filter this going forward: 

Building Reports to Filter Total People to Less Than 2000 Records

If you are okay taking these steps and using this functionality going forward we can proceed to import +2000 records in your database.

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