{VIDEO} Basic Setup Instructions for a MA Studio

This 20 minute video will cover the important features that you need to know to setup your Zen Planner account. Please click on the link below to get started!


Building Out the Basics for a MA Studio Zen Planner Setup


Setup Start Page (1:00)

--How to get in touch with support

Business Info (1:45)

-- Account Info (1:55)

-- Business Info (2:13)

-- Locations (2:30)

-- Credit Cards & E-Checks (2:40)

-- Studio Appearance (2:57)

Programs (3:10)

-- Ranks (3:44)

Classes (6:27)

-- Schedule Details (7:10)

-- Reoccurring Schedule (7:27)

-- Publish Online (8:35)

-- Online Reservations (9:04)

-- Free Trial Registrations (9:45)

-- Drop-In Registration (10:00)

Membership Options (10:53)

-- Building an Unlimited Membership (11:05)

-- Sell Membership Online (12:25)

-- Triggers (13:35)

-- Building a Punch Pass Membership (14:30)

Adding a Staff Member (16:00)

Adding a Person (17:15)

-- Combining a Family (18:00)

-- Adding a Prospect (18:40)


Thank you for watching our basic setup video for MA studios, we hope you found it helpful! Please navigate to our Help Documents Page HERE if you would like more information on any of these topics. You can also use the search icon in the top right corner to search for any topic you want to know more about.


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