Using the Photo Capture feature on Staff App

How you can quickly capture credit card details while using Zen Planner's Staff App on your phone or tablet? Through our Photo Capture feature, of course!

Photo Capture allows you to quickly and securely capture credit card details so you can move on with a membership or retail purchase at lightning speed. In this article you'll find the basics, as well as a video example of how to use Photo Capture on the Staff App (mobile or tablet).

Entering a new card for an existing profile:

First, launch the Staff App on your phone or tablet and log-in using your staff credentials. Next, tap the People icon, and then tap on someone's name to access their Profile. At the bottom of their Profile, tap into Payment Methods, and then tap + Add Payment Account. Next to the Card Number field, you'll see a camera icon. Tap on the camera icon to launch the Photo Capture feature. If you notice a pop-up, click Continue, otherwise hold the card in front of the device's camera in the green box to allow the feature to capture the details automatically.

Here's a quick video demo of what this might look like using the Staff App on mobile: Click Here

Entering a new card for a new profile during retail or membership checkout:

The process for capturing a new card for a new profile during checkout for a retail item or a membership is very similar! Here's a video workflow that shows two examples in real-time: Click Here

As you can see, Photo Capture is easy, speedy, and awesome!

If you have questions on the Photo Capture feature or any aspect of Zen Planner, feel free to contact the Support Team between 7am-7pm Mountain Time at 866-541-3570, or


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