Adding Camps into Zen Planner

Wondering how to add a camp into Zen Planner the right way? This article will walk you through this process step by step. 

Step 1: Create a new Program for Camp

To start, you'll need to navigate into Setup>Programs and create a new program called "Camp" or "Summer Camp" to allow your camp "classes" to populate under the right program. Here's a quick demo video showing how to do this in Studio: Click Here

Step 2: Create some Camp "classes" on your Calendar

Next, you'll go into Setup>Classes and enter a new class schedule for your upcoming camp. Here's a video example to check out for inspiration: Click Here

Step 3: Create Memberships for Camp

Finally, you'll need to sell access to the camp through Membership Options, found under Setup>Membership Options. For a few examples, check out this video example, which shows how to create a one week or two-week camp access option: Click Here

In the video, note that the membership has a one-month duration to allow the purchaser to come to a total of either five or 10 camp sessions, but still have access for one month of time. You can also create multiple membership options if you want to sell access to specific weekly periods, as shown in this other example: Click Here

From there, you are all set up to start having online registrations for camp through your website or Member Connect site!

As always, if you go through these steps and run into questions, please reach out to our Support Team from 7am-7pm Mountain Time, Monday-Friday, at 866-541-3570, or email us at and we'll be happy to guide you further!

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