Sending Zen Planner your Payment Account Information

Uploading payment accounts to Zen Planner can be done through these steps:

  • Gather records from current provider. They will typically charge for the export of this information, so make sure you discuss any fees with them directly.
  • Please note: the data in the files must be unencrypted when uploaded to our secure server
  • Email with the exact name of the file that you uploaded

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST email with the exact name of the file you upload. The process of importing your file WILL NOT BEGIN until we have your filename and are able to match it to your database.

  • Upload that export file directly to Zen Planner’s FTP site
  • You can access this site using this information:

Login ID           ZPCCImports

Password        S52UGvQrq6ac7UyP


Once logged in, select “+ Add File”

Select the file from your computer



Once, the file is displayed, click on “Start”

Please note that your file will never be available externally.  This site is for upload purposes only and your file will only be available to Zen Planner


Once you have completed your upload, send an email to letting them know.  They will respond with confirmation of receipt.


For additional help, consult the support site, or reach out to Zen Planner tech support.

  • Toll Free:  866-541-3570; 7a-4p MST
  • Email:
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