Migrating Data from an Existing ZP Database to a New ZP Database

This article is meant to help Zen Planner database owners in the following circumstances:

  • if you have been running multiple locations or businesses in a single database and now need to migrate one of your locations/businesses to it's own ZP database
  • if you have been allowing a separately owned business (not you, a different business owner) operate out of your database and now need to help that business owner migrate their business to their own ZP database



Breaking apart a database, or migrating a subset of specific business & member data from one ZP database to another, can be an involved procedure and you will need to partner with a ZP Onboarding Coach to create a plan that maps out exactly how to proceed. This can prevent unforeseen issues that could negatively impact billing & member usability.

Since this can be a substantial project requiring a significant collaboration between the onboarding coach and the database owner(s), we recommend picking a time period where all parties can commit 3-4 weeks to the process.

When you are ready to proceed, email requesting help with your migration. 




What can be migrated from the old database to the new?

When you have your first meeting with your onboarding coach you will go over what will need to be brought over in the migration and the best strategy for getting that done.

Here is an overview of the types of data that can be migrated (view the attached templates for a complete list):

  • profile info (name, email address, phone number, birthdate, signup date)
  • membership info (current membership type, most recent begin/renewal date, discounting applied)
  • attendance history (attendance count/total number of attendances for the current membership)
  • ranks (martial arts only)
  • skills/workout results (only databases using advanced workout tracking)


Migrating Payment Account Data

Zen Planner cannot export your member's payment account data to your new database.

If you are interested in migrating payment account data from your old database to the new database, please reach out to your current payment processor to see if they offer that service. If they do, you will follow these directions to upload the file they provide of your unencrypted payment account data to our secure server for import to your new database:





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