Video Help Guide Common Workflows

This is a video reference of all of our commonly ask questions. Please click on any of the the links below to get started!


Zen Planner Database Setup

Setup - Classes and Appointments

Setup - Membership Options

Setup - Setting Staff Availability for Appointments

Setup - Membership Categories and Income Categories

Setup - Family Membership Best Practices

Setup - Lookup Codes

Setup - Custom Fields for Profile Details/Reporting/Automations

Setup - Digital Waiver/Contract Setup



Admin and Day-to-Day Use

Admin - Booking An Appointment for Yourself

Admin - Booking an Appointment for Another Staff Member

Admin - Changing An Individual Class Time (Studio)

Admin - Changing An Individual Class Time (App)

Admin - Member Profile Overview

Admin - Member Check-in (Front Desk)

Admin - Refunds in ZP vs Processors

Admin - Sending Manual Emails


Membership Bills – Updates and Changes

Membership Billing - Setting Up Memberships with Autopay

Membership Billing - Autopay On/Off - Reports and Turning It Back On

Membership Billing - Re-Allocating Payments

Membership Billing - Changing ALL Future Bill Dates

Membership Billing - Changing All Future Bill Amounts

Membership Billing - Changing Individual Membership Bills



Membership – General Updates and Changes

Memberships - Drops

Memberships - Upgrades

Memberships - Holds

Memberships - Adding Classes/Programs to Individuals

Memberships - Adding Classes/Programs to All Members


Prospect Funnel

Prospect Funnel - Introduction and Explanation

Prospect Funnel - Setting Up Look Up Codes

Prospect Funnel - Building the Automations

Prospect Funnel - Daily Use and Updates



Reporting - Custom Report Overview

Reporting - Dashboard Report Overview

Reporting - Auditing Bills and Payments



Automations - Email, Alert, Staff Task and Text



Embedding - Widgets and Public Settings

Embedding - Event Registration

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