Privacy Settings on Staff App - Kiosk Mode

In this article we will walk through privacy settings on the staff app kiosk mode - tablet only.


  • Once logged into the staff application on the tablet, navigate to the "more" options.

Once you choose "more," you will be given a list of items to choose from


  • Select "settings" from the list


The Kiosk mode privacy settings - "Show Reserved List" and "Show Eligible List" will automatically be set to "ON."

  • Reserved = ON in the screenshot
  • Eligible = OFF in the screenshot
  • If the staff has the "Show Reserved List" to "OFF" then the list of eligible students (if applicable) will display
  • If the staff has set the "Show Eligible List" to "OFF" then the reserved list (if applicable) will display


When Searching for a Name:


  • Reserved, Eligible, and Ineligible list will show just as they do now in Kiosk Mode.



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