Embedding Zen Planner Content on Facebook

What you will need:

** PLEASE NOTE - The privacy policy text must be published to the actual page you create for it and not added as an uploaded document or link to a document stored in the cloud.

Here is an example of how it must appear.




STEP 1. Login to Facebook as a Facebook Developer

  • Visit (You’ll be able to login with your normal Facebook credentials.)
  • Next, you’ll create and name a new tab that will eventually show up on your Facebook page.
    • Click on register now (green button upper right corner)
    • Create a Facebook for Developers account


  • Fill out App Information


  • Select Owner/Founder Then Select “Add Your First Product”

STEP 2. Create App

On the left sidebar, select ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Basic’

  • Add a name for the App (ex. If you’re adding Membership, you can call the app “Membership.”)
  • Add the domain it’s going to be pulling from (Should be
  • Add the URL for your privacy policy (Create this page in Member Connect)
  • Click on ‘+Add Platform’.

STEP 3. Add Platform

  • Select ‘Page Tab’ from the “Select Platform” box.

  • Add the URL of the page you want to embed. At the end of that URL add: ?&frame=true (*There should be no space between the end of the URL and the additional text.)
  • Name the tab as it will appear on your Facebook page

Scroll down and select ‘Save Changes’.


STEP 4 Edit App

Copy this URL:

Before pasting it into your browser, you will need to add a few things.

  • Add your app id – you can find this at the top of your page.
  • Add the URL that you put into your page tab.
  • Make sure this is ‘ON’. 

Your URL should look something like this:

Once you have your URL, paste it into a browser window. You should see something similar to this:

Click the drop-down and select your page that you want to add it to.

Now when you go to your Facebook page you will see the membership tab and the embed.

**NOTE: This tab will not show up on mobile devices. This is a restriction of Facebook**

For this, we recommend adding a “Sign Up” button to your Facebook home page.

Step 1: Facebook Button

You will see in the image below that you can add a button to your facebook page. Simply click on it and you can start editing it.

Step 2: Button Setup

After you click “Add a Button” you will get a popup displayed that gives you a few options.

First, select ‘Contact you’ next you will select ‘Sign Up’ and then click Next.

After you click next it will take you to Step 2 of adding the button. Here we will add the website link. Click on ‘Website Link’ and add the url to your member connect/calendar page.

Once that is added, click ‘Finish’. That’s it! When someone clicks on the ‘Sign Up’ button on a mobile device it will take them straight to your membership page within member connect.

Mobile Preview

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