Filter your Mailing List to under 2,000 clients in MBO using Tags

When you pull your Mailing List Report from Mindbody and you have more than 2,000 contacts, you can pull an Attendance without Revenue Report and use Tags to help filter down that number to your most current contacts.

This example account had over 4,000 clients in their original Mailing List Report. These steps helped get that number down to less than 600 clients, that have visited their facility in the past year.

1. Under the Reports tab> Click on Clients> Select the Attendance without Revenue Report.

2. On the Dates step, Select Last Year > On the Filters Step, check the Exclude no-shows and late cancels> Move to the Generate Step and click Go!.

3. Once the report generates the number of clients who have attended your facility within the past year, you can click the Tag new button. Once those clients were tagged you will see a banner appear with the number of clients tagged at the top.

4. Next, go back to Reports> Clients> Mailing Lists.

5. Once on the Mailing Lists report> Check the box next to Tagged Clients only (number of clients tagged)> Then click Generate. This will only show the contact information for those tagged clients.

6. Now you can download this report as an Excel file (by clicking the XLS button) to email over to Zen Planner!


Please send us your import documents when you are ready and we will review and import your information for you. 

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