PAYSAFE ONLY: How To Reflect a Partial Refund in Zen Planner

This article describes the steps necessary to take in Zen Planner to reflect a partial refund of a transaction. Please note, this capability is only available if PaySafe is your business' integrated payment processor

For steps on partial refunds with all other payment processors, please see the help document on How to Reflect a Partial Refund in Zen Planner.


1. Submit a Partial Refund in Zen Planner

  • Go to the member's profile
  • Click Financial on the left side
  • Click View Payments on the right side
  • Click the payment you want to partially refund
  • Click Refund Payment on the right side

NOTE: There's an orange banner at the top of this page that reads: "Refunding a payment in Zen Planner DOES NOT REFUND ANY MONEY through your merchant account."

  • Change Refund Type to Partial Refund
  • Select a refund reason
  • Do not put anything in the Return Fee box unless you want to charge the member a fee for issuing a partial refund
  • Make any notes in the Notes section about the situation surrounding the partial refund
  • Under the "Please enter the amounts to be refunded" section, put the amount you are refunding back to the member for the appropriate bill
  • Review all the information on the page
  • Submit Refund


2. IF NECESSARY: Adjust the bill amount to reflect the actual amount of money you took

  • Go to the member's profile
  • Click Financial on the left side
  • Click View All Bills on the right side
  • Click the bill that you need to make an adjustment for
  • Correct the unit price to reflect the amount of money you actually took for the bill
  • Save Changes

3. Contact PaySafe to physically issue the partial refund

  • Call PaySafe at 888-709-8753
  • Given them the member name, payment date, payment amount, and the amount of money you need to be partially refunded back to the member
  • The partial refund should reflect back within a couple of business days


If you have any questions regarding the process on PaySafe's end, please contact them at 888-709-8753. If you run into more complicated partial refund situations with PaySafe, please call the Zen Planner Support Team at 1-866-541-3570.

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