Reports and Batch Updates

The purpose of this help document is to identify all of the data and items that can be adjusted in batch via reports.

In the Zen Planner studio database, there are several records and pieces of data that can be updated for all your students/members at one time. This is where the yellow Batch Update tool comes in handy. You may see it on the Financial section under View All Bills on someone's profile or in the Product Catalog of your retail store. In this help document, we'll focus on the Batch Update tool in the Reports section of your database.

When you go to Dashboard > + New Report, there are nearly 40 different report types that you can generate, and each one has its own unique criteria and characteristics that you can update in batch. 

To make a change for everyone in a report:

  • Hit the Show All button on the right
  • Click the [+] under the yellow Choose Template button to check off all results of the report
    • You can always uncheck specific results or manually adjust the criteria to boil down the report further
  • Hit the yellow Batch Update button

What follows is a list of all the report types and the batch updates that are possible in that report.

Reports that Cannot Perform Batch Updates

  • Account Balance
  • Bills (Retail Store Processed only)
  • Bills (Show Discounts)
  • Bills (Show Payments)
  • Drops
  • Deposits
  • Gift Cards
  • Membership Upgrades
  • People (Show Addresses)
  • Programs
  • Refunds
  • Retail Orders
  • Waitlist Registrations

Reports That Can Perform Batch Updates

  • Account Info
    • Billing Status, Primary Account, Delete Payment Account
  • Alerts
    • Prevent Sign In, Delete Alert
  • Attendance
    • Reserved, Attended, Delete Attendance Record
  • Bills
    • Income Category, Due Date, Day of Month, Unit Price, Unit Count, Tax 1, Tax 2, Autopay, Mark Paid as of Today, Mark Paid as of Due Date, Delete Bill
  • Classes
    • Class Name, Show on Portal, Free Trial, Enrollment, Staff Member, Delete Classes
  • Class Sessions
    • Date, Time, Duration, Location, Staff Member, Delete Sessions
    • NOTE: Deleting a Class Session is deleting that specific instance of the class on that particular date/time, not the entire history of the class
  • Enrollments
    • Add an Enrollment, Delete Enrollments
  • Events
    • Event Category, Program, Registration Open/Closed, Staff Member, Room, Event Price, Income Category, Payment Due Date, Show on Website, Max. Capacity, Custom Fields
  • Event Registrations
    • Custom Fields
  • Expenses
    • Paid To, Amount, Date, Category, Account Name, Delete Expenses
  • Families
    • Add/Remove Groups
  • Holds
    • Postpone Bills/Membership End Date, Begin Date of Hold, End Date of Hold
  • Memberships and Memberships (Show Bills)
    • Renew, Begin Date, Duration, Membership Label, Billing Info, Add/Remove Programs, Add/Remove Groups, Custom Fields, Delete Memberships
    • Hold Reason, Hold Begin/End Date, Postpone Bills/Membership End Date
  • Payments
    • Payment Error Flag, Add/Remove Groups, Void Payments
    • NOTE: If you need the status of a payment or payment date updated in batch, please contact the Zen Planner Support Team at 1-866-541-3570
  • Products (Show Options)
    • Category, Sub-Category, Income Category, Retail Price, Wholesale Price, Featured, Tax 1, Tax 2, Public, Inventory Quantity, Reorder Quantity, Active, Delete Products
  • People
    • Salutation, Gender, Company, Primary Location, Primary Instructor, Assistant Instructor, Signup Date, Add/Remove Groups, Prospect Program, Prospect Status, Source, Interest, Referred By, Sales Rep, Priority, Custom Fields, Merge Checked People, Add Memberships, Add a Note, Generate Passwords, Delete People
  • People (Show Programs)
    • Gender, Source, Interest, Add/Remove Groups, Custom Fields, Delete People/Program Records
  • Promotional Tests
    • Show on Website
  • Promotional Test Registrations
    • Results (Pass/Fail/Undecided), Promotional Test, Belt Size, Uniform Size, Custom Fields, Delete Registrations/Results
  • Signature Documents
    • Signed Offline, Delete Documents
  • Tasks
    • Category, Assigned To, Email Updates (Y/N), Status, On Calendar, Due Date/Time, Delete Tasks
  • User Accounts
    • Send Password Reset, Add/Remove Groups, Delete Passwords
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