How to reset a suspended payment account

When a saved payment account declines or fails, Zen Planner will automatically suspend the payment account to prevent the business from having issues with their merchant account or accruing further decline fees.

Once you work with the payment account holder to resolve the underlying issue, follow these steps to reset the payment account to resume using it for one off purchases & automatic payments.


  1. Navigate to the person's profile, then click on the payment account icon in the upper left hand corner





2.  Click into the account that has been suspended & click the 'reset this account' link in the orange banner



Autopay will automatically be turned back on for any memberships where this was the designated payment account.

Even though autopay will be reset, we recommend that you manually pay any missed payments in case the unpaid bills are beyond the 3 calendar day lookback that autopay operates under (click the link to view a tutorial).

How to make a manual payment


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