{QUICK TIP} Add Appointment in Staff App Mobile

This will allow you to add a single appointment to your calendar through the Staff App for mobile phone.


Click here for more info on how to download & use the app if you haven't already downloaded it:



1. Launch the staff app on your phone, then tap the '+' at the bottom of the screen.




2. Tap the 'Add Appointment' option from the popup menu.





3. Select appointment details and use the search bar to select the member you would like to book into the appointment. Once you've selected a person, choose an eligible membership, free trial or drop in. Tap Save to book the appointment.



4. Now you will see this new appointment listed with other classes & appointments on your calendar in the app & Studio calendar.


Optional: if you need to add additional people to an appointment, access the appointment from the calendar and search.


How to Edit a Session on Staff App Mobile and Tablet


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