Changing a Discount or Surcharge from ACTIVE TO INACTIVE

If there are any discounts/surcharges within your database that you would like to hide within your Zen Planner system you now have the ability to mark them as INACTIVE.

Marking a discount/surcharge as INACTIVE is a purely cosmetic action intended for increased simplicity in your setup menus. It will not impact any existing discounts on member’s profiles. This is a great alternative to deleting a discount/surcharge, which is not an option after it has been used one time.




When you navigate to Setup > Discounts and Surcharges you will see a column for Status on the right-hand side of the page. This will automatically bring up all of your ACTIVE discounts/surcharges.

In the upper right-hand corner, there is a drop-down list that will allow you to toggle between active, inactive, and all discounts/surcharges.




To modify the status of an existing discount/surcharge click on Setup > Discounts & Surcharges > Click on the option that you want to change. The Discount Status section has a checkbox that will indicate if the discount/surcharge is available throughout Zen Planner (box is checked), or is not available throughout Zen Planner (box is unchecked).

If the Active checkbox is selected, more options will appear below (the Staff box will automatically be checked when ACTIVE is selected)

  • Staff (Studio) 
  • Online (Member Connect) this is only an option for discounts

Each option can be turned on or off by checking the box for increased customization.

The Staff field determines whether this discount/surcharge can be used throughout the Studio site.

The Online field determines whether this discount will be available if a member tries to purchase something through the Member Connect site.  


NOTE: If the Online checkbox was originally checked and is later unchecked, the End Date field will be pre-filled with the date when it was unchecked. If the end date was originally blank or set to an end date in the future, it will also automatically populate the day the Online checkbox is unchecked.

Remember, switching a discount/surcharge from ACTIVE to INACTIVE will not impact any discounts/surcharges currently being used throughout the Zen Planner system.

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