Resources for Training a New Staff Member

This article will give you some guidance & resources for training a brand new staff member. Remember that you or the new staff member can reach out to our support team for immediate help with any issues:

Phone: 866-541-3570, 7a-7p US mountain time (Mon-Fri)


Keep in mind, we recommend the following course of action for training a new staff member to cut down on their ramp up time and to ensure they are learning your established processes.


#1 - You teach them how you do things in Zen Planner day to day

Things like setting up new clients, taking attendance, processing payments, etc. These processes vary from business to business and it will always be best if you train them on how you expect them to use the system with your technology (computer, tablet, etc) rather than leaving it up to us which can lead to confusion for us and your new staffer.

If they will also be responsible for maintaining the back end setup (things like managing the schedule & setting up new membership offerings) we also recommend that you share the set up tutorial appropriate for your business model to get them acquainted with those processes:


#2 - Share these help resources with the new staff member

This is a curated list of links that we have found are most helpful when training a new staff member. This is just a suggested list, feel free to pick & choose what to share.


Common Day to Day Workflows:


Sales Process/Managing Prospects:


Using Reports:

Communicating with Students:

Online Store/Retail:


Taking Attendance:



Managing Your ZP member connect site & student login:



If you are a CrossFit business using Zen Planner to track workouts

Advanced Workout Tracking:


If you are a martial arts business using ranks & promotional testing

Ranks & Skills Tracking:


 #3 - Getting extra help for your staff member

If your staff member still has questions after the training you provide, you can reach out to our onboarding team to request a 45 minute training session for them.

Please Note: This session cannot be booked until you finish training your staff member



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