Creating Percentage-Based Appointment Pay Rates

Set Up Percentage-Based Appointment Pay Rates

How to create a percentage-based pay rate:


  1. Go to Setup > Pay Rates > Add a Pay Rate
  2. Select "Sessions" 
  3. Enter the Pay Rate Info
      1. Enter Pay Rate Label 
      2. Select Program associated with the pay rate
      3. Select the calendar item to associate pay rate with (appointments)
      4. Select the appointment type associated with the pay rate 
        4. Enter Payment Info
      1. Select Percentage of session value and enter the percentage paid to the staff member based on the cost of the membership being used to book the session
      2. Select whether the percentage you've entered is of the Unit Price (before taxes and discounts) or the Total Due (after taxes and discounts)
      3. Choose whether or not you want to pay staff for no-shows (someone who reserved but didn't attend)Screen_Shot_2018-11-14_at_10.15.27_AM.png
In the above example, the staff member receives 25% of the Unit Price of the membership used to book a session. So, if a membership allows for two appointments per month and costs $100, the staff member booked will receive $25. If Total Due is selected, and the member received a $10 discount (paying $90 total), the staff member will receive $22.50.
Keep in mind:
1. Percentages entered must be whole numbers
2. Percentage-based pay rates do not apply to classes
3. These pay rates DO NOT apply to unlimited attendance memberships, limited weekly or monthly attendance memberships; only to punch cards/class cards and drop-in's
    5. Enter Staff Info
    1. Role (staff or assistant staff)
    2. Select staff member(s) who earn wages for this pay rate
    6. Enter the dates this pay rate is effective
    7. Save Changes
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