How Zen Planner Calculates Your Monthly Subscription Fee

How Our Billing Works

Every month we automatically count the number of active students in your Zen Planner account for your billing period. Fees for additional services are added to your active student fees and we automatically charge your saved payment account each month.
You can view your current and past billing statements by going to Setup>Business Info>Account Info in your database and clicking 'Statement History'. Clicking on an individual billing statement will show you a breakdown of any applicable fees, as well as an itemized list of the people who were active students during that billing period.

Who is an Active Student?

In Zen Planner, an active student is someone who meets any of the following criteria during the billing period:
  • has a current membership
  • started a membership
  • ended a membership
  • registered for an event that occurs during the billing period
People with multiple active memberships or members who participate in your events during the billing period are only counted once.

Who Isn't an Active Student?

In Zen Planner, we don't charge you for:
  • Drop-ins
  • Free trials
  • Individual appointments
  • People without memberships
  • People without event registrations
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