How to Import Member Data into Zen Planner

This article will provide guidance on how to reformat your member data before sending it to your onboarding coach. If you aren’t currently working with an onboarding coach, please reach out to our support team for assistance with your file.

What you should import


At a minimum, we recommend importing the following fields, if you have them available:

  • First Name, Last Name (BOTH ARE REQUIRED)
  • Birth Date
  • Primary Phone (typically their mobile phone number)
  • Email Address
  • Home Address, City, State, ZipCode
  • Inquiry Date (date they became a lead or prospect)
  • Sign Up Date (the very first time they purchased a membership)
  • Current membership
  • Current membership begin date

Download & review the excel sheet at the bottom of this article to see the full list of fields available for import through the Member Data import.

OPTIONAL DATA (Not included in the Member Data import)

Please contact your onboarding coach if you want to complete any of the following imports. If you are no longer in onboarding, please reach out to the support team.

  • Payment Account Data
    • If you plan on running online payments through Zen Planner this can reduce the amount of time needed to go live for online payments. This needs to be done as a separate import with our Data Integration team. DO NOT add payment account data to your member data import file or send payment account data directly to your onboarding coach or the support team.
    • CLICK HERE for instruction on how to upload member payment account data.
  • Current Attendance
    • Current attendance records means attendances that would be counted towards a member’s current membership only. Please scroll to the end of this section for more information on importing historical attendance data.
    • We only recommend importing current attendance records if one of the following applies to your business: 1) you offer class cards/punch cards and you will need to make sure remaining attendances are accurate before going live; 2) you track martial arts ranks and use class attendances to determine eligibility to test.
  • Martial Arts Rank History
    • If you are a martial arts business and will be using ZP to track ranks, we recommend bringing in the rank history for the programs that your members are currently enrolled in. Please scroll to the bottom of this article for more information on importing historical rank data for programs member’s are no longer enrolled in.
  • Skill Results
    • If you have been programming workouts and tracking member PR’s in your previous software and will be using our advanced workout tracking, you will probably want to import current member’s PR’s into Zen Planner.


IMPORTING HISTORICAL DATA (Additional cost to import)

We do not recommend importing historical data unless there is an immediate need for it in Zen Planner in order to service current members & their memberships. Here are a few examples of what is considered historical data:

  • Expired memberships
  • Martial arts ranks for programs that current members are no longer participating in
  • Attendance records for expired memberships

If you feel that you need to import this type of data, you will need to work with your onboarding coach to discuss pricing & payment and next steps for preparing your database and the data for import.

If you have already finished onboarding, please reach out to the support team. They will pair you up with a coach to complete your historical data import.


How to export records from your current software

Export your member data from your existing software into a supported spreadsheet format, such as .XLS, .CSV or .TXT.  When possible make sure to separate each field that you want to store in Zen Planner into a separate column. For example, instead of exporting the Name field as "John Doe", split the record into First Name "John" and Last Name "Doe"; instead of exporting the home address as a single field, break it into street address, city, state, and zip code.

Here are our tutorials on exporting member data from the most commonly used softwares:

If you are having difficulty exporting data from your current software provider, please reach out to their customer support team for assistance. We are not able to troubleshoot exporting data from other softwares.


How to reformat your data for Zen Planner

Download the excel file at the bottom of this article and open it in Excel or Google Sheets.  

Copy & paste your data into the appropriate columns. When you’re done, save the file with your business name as it appears in Zen Planner.

The First Name and Last Name fields are REQUIRED and should be unique to each person. If you have people with the exact same first & last name, you can use the Middle Name field to differentiate between them to ensure they are both imported. Failing to do this will result in only one of those people to be imported.

How to Import People with Multiple Memberships
If you have people that carry multiple memberships at the same time (ex. CrossFit Unlimited Monthly and they also have a 10 Pack of PT 1:1 sessions) your onboarding coach can work with you to do a supplementary membership import to get those people set up.

In the Member Data Import Template, only include the person's main membership.

Please let your onboarding coach know if you will need to do a supplementary import when you return this file to them.

How to import families (optional)
If you work with families (kids martial arts, kids dance, etc) you may want to use the import to set these up in order to facilitate automatic payments for an entire family.

Zen Planner allows you to select one family member as the head of household so you can store their payment account information and use it for billing for the entire family (memberships & retail).

You group people into the same family using the FamilyTag column in the people import file. The first person listed in the spreadsheet with the FamilyTag will be automatically assigned as the head of household, so make sure the billing account holder's name is listed before the other family members in the import file.



WARNING! - Risk Having More than 2000+ Records in Zen Planner
Due to known limitations within Zen Planner, you will be able to see the total number of profiles in the All People section when it is in excess of 2000+ records, however, you will not be able to report or send out communications to more than 2000 people at a time.

If it is a business necessity to import 2000+ people into your database and you plan to report on or send out mass emails to more than 2000+ people at once, you will need to filter the results within multiple reports and view reports or send emails in batches to capture all individuals.

Click this link for a demonstration on how to build reports to manage 2000+ records:

Building Reports to Filter Total People to Less Than 2000 Records


Uploading your file

Once you have finished reformatting your data, send the file to your onboarding coach for upload. They will audit the file for any issues that could cause the data to import incorrectly, or cause the import to fail completely.

If you aren’t working with an onboarding coach, please send your file to our support team ( with the subject line:

Data Import - Your Business Name

Need Help?

Reach out to your onboarding coach if you are struggling with your member data import, they will be the very best resource since they already understand your business set up and the goals for your set up.

If you are no longer in onboarding, please reach out to our support team:

Phone:  866-541-3570, Monday-Friday (7a-7p mountain time)

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