How to Lock the Staff App in Kiosk Mode on a Tablet

This topic shows you how to lock the Staff App in Kiosk mode on a tablet. This option will prevent anyone from going into any other apps on your tablet.

iPad Users               Android Tablet Users

On an iPad:

  • FIRST you must setup Guided Access in your iPad's settings.
    Set up Guided Access:

    1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.
    2. Turn on Guided Access.
    3. Tap Passcode Settings, then tap Set Guided Access Passcode.
    4. Enter a passcode, then reenter it. From here, you can also turn on Face ID or Touch ID as a way to end a Guided Access session.

  • Start a Guided Access session
    1. Open the Staff App and click on Kiosk Mode (How-to-access-Staff-App-Kiosk-Mode-and-check-in), then triple-click the Home button. For iPhone X, triple-click the side button. 
    2. Tap Start. 

    Optional: Control which features are available
    1. To turn off features or set a time limit, triple-click the Home or side button, then tap Options. If you don't see Options, triple-click the Home or side button again and enter your passcode.
    2. Turn on the options that you want, then tap Done.

  • End a Guided Access session
    Triple-click the Home button or side button, enter your Guided Access passcode, then tap End. Or if you turned on Touch ID or Face ID for Guided Access, double-click the Home or side button.

For additional information on setting this feature up on your iPad please use this link: Apple Support- Guided Access


On an Android Tablet:

  • FIRST you must setup Screen Pinning in your tablet's settings
    Please Note: Some of these steps work only on Android 9 and up. 

    Turn on screen pinning

    1. Open your device's Settings app Settings app.
    2. Tap Security & Location > Advanced > Screen pinning.
    3. Turn on Screen pinning.
    When screen pinning is on, you'll see an option to ask for your PIN, pattern, or password before unpinning.

  • Pin a Screen
    1. Go to the Staff App and Click Kiosk Mode (How-to-access-Staff-App-Kiosk-Mode-and-check-in)
    2. Swipe up to the middle of your screen.

    - If this doesn't open your Overview, see the Android help document below.
    3. At the top of the image, tap the app's icon.

    4. Tap the Pin Pin.

  • Unpin a screen

    1. On the pinned screen, touch and hold Back Back and Home Home.
    - If your "Home" looks different, see the Android help document below.
    2. If you chose to be asked for your PIN, pattern, or password before unpinning, you'll need to enter it.

For additional information on setting this feature up on your Android tablet, please use this link: Android Support- Pin & Unpin Screens

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