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Looking to track conversions through Facebook Pixel? You've come to the right place!

As of right now, FB Pixel only tracks information through our Lead Capture Widget.

The main reason for this is that Facebook is primarily a tool for generating leads, and works best in that capacity. Linking to a webpage with our Lead Capture Widget makes it easy for leads coming from Facebook to quickly add only their vital information, and increases the likelihood that you'll be able to capture that lead before they lose interest. This allows you to follow-up directly with that person and reduces the chance that they will simply exit the page due to confusion or being overwhelmed from seeing a list of memberships, or even a free class registration page.

If you are hoping to track anything other than leads via FB you can use Google Analytics, which allows you to track conversions through our other embeds, including the Membership Registration, Free Class Trial, and Retail Checkout embeds.

To learn more about tracking conversions through Google Analytics, please check out our article linked below on the basics, as well as a detailed look at setting up Goal Tracking:

Setting Up Google Analytics & AdWords

Google Analytics and Goal Tracking

 If you'd rather not deal with all of this, keep in mind that our Website and Digital Marketing teams are here for you. If you opt into Zen Planner's Integrated Website and Digital Marketing services, our in-house team can set up an awesome website along with conversion tracking for you. Learn more about our Integrated Website and Digital Marketing services here. 

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