Minimum Hardware Requirements for Staff App Tablet

To ensure optimal functionality for users, Staff App Tablet, which includes Kiosk Mode, is designed for use on a tablet only and uses a plugin to identify whether or not your device is compatible upon launching the Staff App. Here are the current hardware requirements for using Staff App Tablet.

1. Your tablet must have 160 or higher PPI (Pixels Per Inch). If your tablet has a lower PPI than 160, the Staff App Tablet version (including Kiosk Mode) will not be available.

2. Your tablet must run in a resolution greater or equal to 1024x768.

To find out the PPI of your tablet, you can typically google the name of your device and "PPI." For example, if we google "Galaxy Tab A 10.5 PPI," we find that the tablet has a PPI of around 216, which would allow the tablet version of Staff App to load. On the other hand, if we google "Galaxy Tab A 9.7 PPI," we find that it has only 132 PPI, which means the tablet version of Staff App would not load.

You can also use a website such as Tablet Pixel Density List to search your device and confirm the PPI prior to purchasing it to ensure it will be compatible with Staff App Tablet.

If you have further questions on Staff App Tablet or Kiosk Mode, please reach out to our Support Team at and/or 866-541-3570.

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