Unique Signature Documents for Membership Categories

This article describes the steps necessary to take in Zen Planner to create unique signature documents that are customized per membership category. This will allow you to create separate membership contracts with different terms/clauses that are specific to a particular membership category

For basic information and steps on the initial setup of signature documents, please see the help document called Using Zen Planner's Waivers/Contracts.


Step 1: Check your Membership Categories

First, you'll want to ensure your memberships are categorized correctly. If you go to Setup > Lookup Codes > Membership Categories, you'll see a list of your current categories. It is based on these categories that you can activate a membership signature document. To see which memberships are allocated to which categories, go to Setup > Membership Options. We highly recommend auditing these and ensuring that all your active memberships that will have the same terms/clauses are categorized under the same category.



Step 2: Create a Membership Signature Document

Go to Setup > Signatures > Add a Signature Document: Memberships > Add. You'll come to the screen to paste your membership contract verbiage. A few notes:

  1. The "Active" box will always default to checked. If you do not want this signature document active yet, make sure you uncheck that box.
  2. If you need some sample verbiage for a standard gym membership contract, go to Setup > Document Templates > scroll to the "Legacy Contracts & Waivers" section > click on "Sample Member Contract (at the bottom of the category) > copy all the verbiage in that temple. Then, return to Setup > Signatures to create the membership contract and paste that verbiage in. Please ensure you read through that verbiage and make any changes to the clauses to align with your facility's policies.

Once your verbiage is pasted in and finalized in the signature document, click Save Changes.


Step 3: Assign the Membership Signature Document to a Membership Category

Back in the Signatures section -- where all your existing signature documents are listed -- you'll notice there is a column for Membership Categories. All membership signature documents will default to "All Membership Categories." This means that once the signature document is active, any membership that is added going forward will have that contract automatically attach to the member's profile to sign.

To only assign the contract to one membership category -- change the drop-down to the membership category you'd like > Save Changes.

To assign the contract to two or more membership categories -- checkmark the "multiple" box and select the membership categories. To select more than one, hold down CMMD for Mac users and CONTROL for Windows/PC users and click the options. Once you're finished, hit Save Changes.

Whenever you're ready to make the membership signature document active, checkmark the Active box > Save Changes. Once active, the membership contract will apply to:

  1. All NEW students signing up for a membership in that category
  2. All students who have a NOT STARTED membership in that category
  3. All students that have a membership that was generated from a renewal that contains different template settings than their first membership (ex. a one-month limited membership rolling into a year-long unlimited membership)

NOTE: In order for a signature document to automatically attach when adding a "custom" membership, "All Categories" will need to be selected.



If you run into any issues or have additional questions, please reach out to the Zen Planner Support Team:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-866-541-3570 (press 1)
    • Phone Operation Hours: Monday through Friday from 7am-7pm MST



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